Students needs ability to change degree date after submission

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Category:feature request
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Currently, a student can change their degree date before they complete their submission (status = "In Submission Process"), but not after the ETD submission has finished (status = "Submitted"). After looking at the code, Chad also saw that they could change the degree date if the ETD is in status "Resubmission Requested".
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There are often times when some ETDs don't appear on a grad school's report because those students' degree dates in RUetd are incorrect. These ETDs have status "Submitted", so the students can't correct the date and neither can the grad school reviewer. Only the ETD Administrator can make the correction.
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It would be a help if the student could correct the degree date. The student should be able to change their degree date when the ETD is in any status except "Rejected", "Accepted" and "Archived".
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If this change is made, will the student be able to change other personal/school/program/degree information in addition to degree date? For example, should they be able to change school?



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