Add progress bar to Faculty Deposit

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:feature request

Add a progress bar to the Faculty Deposit module, similar to that used for the RUetd Application. The stages of progress are:

Assign Permission/Choose Account
Intellectual Property Rights
Description of Work
File Upload
Deposit Complete

It would be helpful to have these headers at the top of each page and on the status bar. It is already there for most pages. The typography font/size of the header should be uniform on all pages.

At "Deposit Complete" the system will still give the option to log out or submit another one. The submit process will begin with the "Assign Permission/Choose Account" stage.



Status:active» test

A progress bar has been created in faculty deposit.


Assigned to:jgeng» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

Verified: progress bar in Faculty Deposit on rep-devel. Works great.


Status:fixed» closed

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