Allow a depositor to re-order a list of authors

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:feature request

On the Faculty Deposit "metadata" form, allow the depositor to add additional authors (now possible) and to change the order of authors. Often the depositor/author's name is not the first one mentioned on the item being deposited and we need to have a way of listing the authors in a specific order -- not necessarily the order in which they were added to the record or to the web form.



This one has been moved out of 6.2 release. -jie


Status:active» postponed


Version:6.2» 7-x
Status:postponed» active


Status:active» test

change the order of authors is working on the view page


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker


Please test.



Assigned to:rmarker» jgeng
Status:test» active

Yes, this works!
It would be helpful to add a note on the Description of Work page that says, "Change the order of author names on View Summary page". That note can appear below the label "Author (person)" or above/below the text box. When done, re-assign this issue back to rmarker to test.


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker
Status:active» test

"Change the order of author names on View Summary page if you have more than one author" has been added.


Version:7-x» 7.2
Status:test» fixed

Tested, and verified that it works.


Status:fixed» closed

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