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When running Identify the output has numerous references to exmaple.org and the sample identifer mentions the required use of "oai:example.org:" before the rutgers-lib identifier. Also the entire <Identify> element needs revising. My guess is that this is in a Fedora configuration file somewhere.




Version:6-x» 7.0



Assigned to:triggs» dhoover

Moving to Dave. He will supply a list of information he needs.


Looking at rep-devel these are the fields that need to be defined in fedora.fcfg
for OAI

module role="fedora.oai.OAIProvider" class="fedora.server.oai.FedoraOAIProviderM
commentDescription: Exposes the repository for OAI harvesters./comment
param name="repositoryName" value="Your Fedora Repository Name Here"/ param name="repositoryDomainName" value="example.org"/
param name="adminEmails" value="oai-admin@example.org bob@example.org"/
param name="friends" value="http://arXiv.org/oai2 <a href="http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-" title="http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-">http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-</a>
param name="maxRecords" value="100"/
param name="maxHeaders" value="100"/

Please let me know what Values should be used.

Note in the base configuration for the fedora server, these are already defined:

param name="repositoryName" value="RUCore Development Repository"
commentDefines a human readable name for the Fedora server; default is
Fedora Repository./comment
param name="adminEmailList" value="bob@example.org sally@example.org"
commentDefines one or more email addresses for server administrators;
list is space delimited./comment


Assigned to:dhoover» chadmills


Assigned to:chadmills» dhoover

repositoryName = "RUcore, Rutgers University Community Repository"
adminEmails = "fedora@rulmail.rutgers.edu"

All other setting can remain the same for the time being.

Please normalize on test, staging and production.


Do we really want all three servers to be called the same thing
with no distinction between devel, staging, prodcution?

Do we really want OAI harvesting to occur externally for
devel and staging?


Let's do this then.

rep-devel : "RUcore, Rutgers University Community Repository - Test Server"
rep-staging : "RUcore, Rutgers University Community Repository - Staging Server"
production : "RUcore, Rutgers University Community Repository"

We do not need to run the service on staging after our release, but might want to continue to offer it on development for testing purposes. I would suggest after the release process change the following variable in the oai-pmh API configuration file to FALSE.

File: api/oai-pmh/lib/config.php
Variable: $cfg_api_oai['enabled'] = FALSE;


We will most likely also have to change the repositoryDomainName element.

On development it is set to

&lt;param name="repositoryDomainName" value="example.org"/&gt;

This probably affects the identifier portion of the responses. Here is a sample.


I will not know for sure until we change the setting on development. At the moment "rep-test.libraries.rutgers.edu" might be the most appropriate "repositoryDomainName".


Version:7.0» 7.2

Still need to have the staging server configured with the proper name and email contacts.

Also please change the setting in the Fedora config mention in comment #9.


Version:7.2» 8-x


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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