Update LDAP list and alphabetize it

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit

Update the LDAP list of university units (departments, centers, etc.) and display it in alphabetical order on the Faculty Deposit form.

This list appears in the Name (Author) area.

Ideally, the list should be updated on a regular basis, perhaps twice a year (for example, in January and August).



Status:active» test

It is in alphabetical order now.


Assigned to:jgeng» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

LDAP list is in alphabetical order in rep-devel. Confirmed fixed.


Status:fixed» closed


Version:6.2» 7.1
Assigned to:ananthan» jgeng
Status:closed» active

Re-activating this issue.
Please update the LDAP list and newly alphabetize it for every RUcore release.


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker


Do you remember the website URL to get the full list of LDAP?


Found in my email:

Sent: Thursday, February 4, 2010 12:22:04 PM
Subject: [Sw_arch] Links to Rutegrs Orginaztion codes

Rhonda, Yang

I believe we used the documents found at the following
links to update the Rutgers Organiztion Codes and Names.

Link to the LDAP schema
<a href="http://idms.rutgers.edu/ldap/schema.shtml" title="http://idms.rutgers.edu/ldap/schema.shtml">http://idms.rutgers.edu/ldap/schema.shtml</a>

Under Attributes in that document it states

A list of organization codes and corresponding reporting relationship
codes is available at the University Human Resources RIAS information
site. UHR recommends that anyone that needs to identify departments in
an application should use the organization code.

and links to:

<a href="http://uhr.rutgers.edu/rias" title="http://uhr.rutgers.edu/rias">http://uhr.rutgers.edu/rias</a>

From there you should be able to find the documents that were
used last time.



Both links are not work. The requested URL was not found on this server.


Assigned to:rmarker» jgeng

Perhaps it's time to query sw-arch list again to find an updated ldap list.


Status:active» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

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