Compile a list of cartographic element vocabulary terms to use in WMS

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)

The cartographic element has been added in WMS; however the vocabulary terms are not available in WMS. This was discussed at the MDWG meeting on 10/17/2011 and Carla agreed to compile a list.

Grace had a discussion about this element when she reviewed the Research MD Profile. A task was assigned to Mary Beth to bring this to MDWG.

Please see Mary Beth for more details and provide the list by end of March, 2012.



Version:6.2» 7.0


We are still working on this issue, which was about Cartographic Projection. It has grown into examining maps metadata Genre as well. Nothing firm to report to date.


Assigned to:carlazim» mbweber

This is for MDWG.


Version:7.0» 7-x


Attached is the last document we discussed in MDWG on 7/2/2014. I did some archaeology and found some even older emails that jogged my memory.

As I recall, there was some discussion about dropping the request for Type attribute, since code will not map to any Marc field, and only text is really necessary. Not sure if that is the final decision, if so, I'll have to tweak the doc.

There was also discussion about the Authority attribute being at the top Subject level, and would that eliminate the need for Projection being an extension? (I get confused with this...) Which would make this all null, yes? We'd just need to add a CV dropdown?



Status:active» closed

We reviewed MODS schema and agreed that we need to add authority as an attribute for Subject-Cartographic sub-element. This will be included in R7.8. KA will enter this as a new request. Ifit is needed to make Projection a controlled vocabulary list, we will request it separately.

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