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I uploaded a spreadsheet with xlsx extension in WMS and ingested the object.

If I click on the following link, it opens up in excel directly.

However, clicking on EXCEL in showfed displays a message "The file you are trying to open rutgers-lib-26494_1.xls is in a different format than specified by the file extension... message". Notice the file extension (xls not xlsx). Why am I getting this message?



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It is because an extension of .xls is assumed for this datastream ID, EXCEL-1. Their is no way of knowing what the proper file extension is supposed to be so an assumption is made in the configuration file. Since this EXCEL-1 datastream ID might have .xls or .xlsx file extensions this will continue to be problematic.

Best practice would be to create a XLS-1 datastream ID for .xls files and a XSLX-1 ID for .xlsx files and retire the EXCEL-a datastream. The same could be said for PowerPoints, .ppt vs pptx, and other office style documents like .doc and .docx.

Overall the best way to go would be to align datastream IDs with file extensions, not their native applications name.


Version:6-x» 7.0


Version:7.0» 7-x

Moving to 7-x.


Version:7-x» 8.x

In the FOXML under the datastream section for these files the ALT_IDS should have a fname:<name of file>.xls or fname:<name of file>.xlsx. This will be used if present as the filename. If no value is found the file extension is assumed to be whatever is configured in the file policy.

My recommendation is that files should have a fname values in ALT_IDS and then the correct extension will be used. If any legacy datastream exists that are .xlsx and not .xls and do not have a fanme in the ALT_ID the best course of action is to add a value with a .xlsx extension. Something like file.xlsx.


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