Unable to ingest collection after changing owner

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Collection Management
Category:bug report

Li created a new collection. After creating the collection, she changed the owner using "Change Owner". Then she added more metadata. When she tried to ingest this collection, the following error message is displayed. The parent collection (rucore00000000039) is already ingested.

The collection name is New Collection from Li's collection. It is under CWGL Poster collection.
Record System ID: 4369Checking parent collection ...Error checking parent collection: Parent collection rucore00000000039 has not been ingested!.



Status:active» postponed

There is no such collection with CollID of rucore00000000039 in DLR collection table. -YY


Status:postponed» test


Status:test» closed

I just created a new collection under Activities relating to exhibitions about John Milton collection. Then changed the owner using the Change Owner option. I was able to ingest the collection object.

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