subject name and subject geographic searches not working

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:bug report

The resource below contains 3 subject headings: Subject, Name=Tango, David. Subject, Geographic=Enchanged Forest (N.J.). Subject, Topic=Diamond miners.

rutgers-lib: 26354
title: Test map Test map: a test resource
collection: Digital Library Repository -- Melissa Test Top Level Collection -- The final test collection -- The final test series.

I conducted both a full record search and a subject search for each of the three subjects in the Digital Collections portal. The subject name and subject geographic searches did not work. The subject topic search did work.



Assigned to:triggs» rmarker

It looks like subject name ans subject geographic are not being indexed in Solr. Should they be?


Version:6.1» 6-x
Status:active» postponed

The Solr/Lucene search group [last summer] grouped subject-geographic and subject-geographic hierarchical into an allGeographic catch-all copy field. This has the effect of excluding it from the "subject" (topic) index.

They did want mods:subject mods:name to be indexed. The group was not specific on whether they wanted subject-name to be included with subject-topic.

I am postponing further changes to this issue for a future release. A newly constituted User Services and Applications WG will consider this issue in early 2012.


I am not sure we can postpone this unless the following behavior is acceptable in the interim. See the following record result:

<a href=";ppage=10&amp;numresults=1&amp;key=ETD-RU&amp;start=9" title=";ppage=10&amp;numresults=1&amp;key=ETD-RU&amp;start=9"></a>

If a user clicks on "Rutgers, Henry, 1745-1830" they will receive 0 search hits.


Status:postponed» fixed

Test on rep-devel, rep-staging, and production successfully retrieved subject name and subject geographic terms when searched as "subject".


Status:fixed» closed

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