missing "Subject - Name" fields in RUCORE, and "Subject - Topic" values did not get saved

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

Using Firefox, I created a full record (Paul wms testing 11-21-11 full) including unusual characters in title, abstract and subject (name) fields. I ingested successfully, but when I looked in the RUCORE complete record I noticed that the Subject - Name information was missing from the MODS record (the information was present in the XML and in the metadata record). Also, I remember creating values for the Subject - Topic field as i was creating the metadata record, but this field was empty after saving it.



Status:active» closed

I created some new records having "Subject - Name" values and "Subject - Topic" values, such as: paul wms testing 11-29-11 brief "record" using template with added metadata; paul wms testing 12-1-11 brief "record" upload from local PC; paul wms testing 12-1-11 full "record" with special characters in abstract, title, and subject-name, multiple tiffs uploaded from server ¶Ñ∑؃. All these records values were saved, and the records were successfully ingested into FEDORA, and all field values, including "Subject - Name" and "Subject - Topic" were present in RUCORE.

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