When adding a relationship the object falls out of the portal

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

Created a relationship between a video and a analytic. The video then disappeared from the search portal I was viewing it in.



Can you give me the Fedora IDs of these objects? I would want to check the Solr XML being created for them. and make sure the pre-portal functiobn isn't being called accidentally.


rutgers-lib:25534 would be one. To find more just add a relationship and look at the object in the relationship.


Priority:normal» critical


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills

When submitted a relationship the following is called:

$indexed = file_get_contents("http://$LOCALHOST/cgi-bin/solr/solrpost.cgi?pid=$pid");
$indexed = file_get_contents("http://$LOCALHOST/cgi-bin/solr/solrpost.cgi?pid=$object");

It appears the location of the index script being called is not accurate. It *might* be http://$LOCALHOST/cgi-bin/dlr/solrpost.cgi instead. I am working on confirming this. Also there is not variable set in the incs file for this location which makes all of this even more confusing.


Status:active» fixed

It looks like when a relationship is added things are not now being dropped out of the index.


Status:fixed» test


Status:test» closed

I cannot duplicate this. It appears to be fixed or not an issue to begin with.

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