Versioned datastreams not being fully served

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:API - Get API
Category:bug report

I have determined there is an issue with SERVING versioned datastreams, not the datastreams themselves. The problem seems to be when a versioned datastream is served the file size of the original datastream is used instead of the file size of the datastream that is actually being sent. So the original JPEG has a file size smaller than the current version than only a portion is returned. This looks to be a MySQL query problem with the Get API.

Why wasn't this seen on lefty64 you ask? We only have 51 datastreams that are versioned and a small portion of those are actually JPEG or PDF. On production it looks like we have 9,000+ datastreams that are versioned. Why so many? I gather is was due to the regeneration of JPEGs we did at the end of 2009. It was never done on lefty64 is my guess why there is such a large difference between the two machines.

The issue is with ANY versioned datastream, not just JPEG.



Status:active» test

Patch in place on the test system. For testing use the following:

rutgers-lib:10010, rutgers-lib:10005, rutgers-lib:10012, rutgers-lib:10013

djvu, pdf and jpeg are all versioned


jpeg is versioned


Status:test» closed

Tested and patched on the staging and production systems.

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