Users without "configure WMS" permission are unable to create collection level template

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Collection Management
Category:bug report

It appears to me that "configure WMS" permission is required to create collection level template even if the user has "manage collections" permission.

If you assign "configure WMS" permission to users, it opens up the entire configuration module to users. This is not desirable.



Version:5.2.1» 6.1


Status:active» test

Add some new privileges, including edit CV. You will need re-visit the existing roles and add/edit the privileges as appropriate. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» lisun

Please try to create a collection level template.


Status:test» closed

Li was able to create a collection level template.


Assigned to:lisun» yuyang
Status:closed» active

Kalaivani and I tested this again. In the newly created template, I added a genre term source and term and set the template as the default. The genre term did not carry over into the resource I created in the collection. See Kalaivani with questions.


Status:active» postponed

I cannot reproduce the problem. Did you create the resource using the same content model as the template? What is the collection you were working with? -YY


I will come see you Yang.


Status:postponed» test


Status:test» closed

No longer a problem. I logged in as a user with the collection manager role. Then created a collection level template. Entered two genre terms in the template. Then created a resource record and applied the template. The genre terms were in the resource record and I was able to view in TEXT and FOXML.

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