Abstract MD not in the exported XML

Category:bug report

Some ETDs were exported with no abstract. Here is an example:

Paper ID = 3179

The abstract is in the database but was not written in the XML.



The XML sent to ProQuest has the first two of the three paragraphs that are in the abstract in the database. The XML to WMS has none of the abstract.


Status:active» fixed

Their was a rogue character in the abstract that made the entity filters fail. When the filters fail an empty string is returned, thus supplying no abstract. In the case of the ProQuest export the abstract is processed in chunks based on paragraphs supplied. This particular abstract had three paragraphs and the rogue character was in the third paragraph.

To fix this I went into the database and replaced the rogue character with the appropriate entity. It was a right arrow, →, in this case. I am not able to add more fault detection to the filter at this time. In PHP 5.3 an option is aviaable to ignore errors and that would be helpful. When upgrading PHP this should be considered as a solution.


Status:fixed» closed

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