simplexml_load_file not interacting when debugging is turned on

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:API - Search API
Category:bug report

When debugging it enabled any simplexml_load_file() calls to the API result in a HTTP_AGENT error. Current fix is to define the agent when making the request from the simplexml_load_file() script. Investigate why this is needed.



Title:simplexml_load_file not interacting when deguiing is turned on» simplexml_load_file not interacting when debugging is turned on


Version:5.2» 6.1
Status:active» test

I enabled debugging in the Search API and ran some searches without passing HTTP_AGENT information. Not passing the HTTP_AGENT information had caused the error in the past. This has been fixed and is ready for testing. The logging code isn't breaking when the HTTP_AGENT isn't passed.

To test enable debugging and perform some searches and notice that searching is working as expected.


Status:test» closed

Tested thoroughly for this release. I created a check at the API for this so that if not sent an error will not occur.

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