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Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:bug report

The location information is not displaying on the default record. This information is important because digital objects often create an interest to see the original work. Reference librarians have complained in the past that this information does not display on the public interface.



Version:5.2» 5.2.1
Assigned to:yuyang» rmarker

thanks for the feedback. I will pass it along to the User Services WG, and we will go from there.


Version:5.2.1» 6.1


Assigned to:rmarker» chadmills

Please add these to the list of available elements to display in brief and full record displays.

Source MD:
Local Bib ID [value]
Shelving - Locator
Shelving - Note


Assigned to:chadmills» rmarker

Hi Rhonda,

Do you have a sample record, rutgers-lib:xxx, I can look at?



In the production system, all of the Tracey Voorhees Papers objects have the Shelving Location info, e.g.
The Peter Still papers, 1850-1875 objects have the Locator (call number) info, e.g.

On the test server, this object has all the requested source MD:

(Faculty collection: Marker Rhonda Collection)


Status:active» test

Added three new constructs to the production and development system. I tested all three. Please feel free to include them in your Full Record styles to test.


Assigned to:rmarker» mdefino

The search portal tool now allows the location information from Source metadata to display. Please specify which of the sourceMD elements you want to appear in the single record display. You probably want this setting for the Digital Collections search portal, as it is generally not used in the Scholarly Collections or Research Data objects.


Assigned to:mdefino» rmarker
Status:test» active


We definitely need to display the entire "shelving" element, which includes locator type, locator, and note.

Should we also display the "provenance event" element? Is that something we could discuss at MDWG?



Assigned to:rmarker» ananthan

Please configure the SourceMD element "Shelving" to display in the Full Record for the Digital Collections search portal:



Version:6.1» 6-x

We will implement this when we are done with R6.1 testing.


Version:6-x» 7.0


Version:7.0» 7-x


Status:active» fixed

Added necessary fields to portals in devel and production for Digital Collections.


Status:fixed» closed

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