Duplicate collection in tree case an issue

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:bug report

When a collection is rendered more than once in a collection tree all instances of that collection in the tree after the first get assigned a random ID which is incompatible with RUcore. If one of the collections other than the first instance are selected zero results are returned. If a parent of one of those collections is selected the child's ID is invalid and excludes it from searching.

This same thing happens when using the tree in the dlr/EDIT stats application.

An example of what happens is the following:

The "Borough of Roosevelt" collection appears in Special Collection under the Digital Library Repository and also under NJDH. The id in the first instance is correct 'Roosevelt', however the id for the second instance is 'Roosevelt_123456789' where the number is randomly generated.



Status:active» test

The fix is to continue to allow the random number to be generated, however replace the underscore with a #. A hash is chosen because it should never be any part of any valid collection ID.

Some JavaScript was already parsing collection ID's when a submit happened so extra filtering is done, breaking apart the ID where a hash is found and only passing information that occurs before the hash.


Status:test» closed

I have tested Elliot Griffis Collection, it worked fine.

Stats reports has the same problem and have been fixed too.

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