Add mods:cartographic subelement and attributes

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)

Under mods:subject, add the mods:cartographic subelement and its attributes "coordinates", "scale", and "projection". This subelement is to be used for maps, atlases, city plans, and globes per the MODS standard.

This should be updated on the metadata spreadsheet to show that it needs to be implemented, and then assigned to the WMS admin for configuration.



Assigned to:mbweber» ananthan


Version:5.3» 6.1


Assigned to:ananthan» yuyang

Assigning this task to Yang as schema configuration has been disabled.


I need following details: input field type for each element (dropdown or free text). There is an "authority" attribute for cartographics element, do we need it? -YY


Free text for all: coordinates, scale, projection.
No authority attribute for "coordinates", "scale", "projection".
"Cartographics" is a container element and has no attributes.


Rhonda, the MODS schema says there are a couple authority related attributes for cartographics element itself. Just let me know if they are needed or not. -YY


Yes, the MODS added authorityAttributeGroup in MODS 3.4 for the "cartographics" (sub)element. I suppose this is so that the attribute name, ID, or type can be specified. Since I was looking at other documentation on the MODS site, I did not see this at first.

I will ask the MDWG if it is advisable to use authorityAttributeGroup for "cartographics", (but not for "coordinates", "scale", or "projection"), because in all the cases I know of we will not be using an authority for this element and we do not want to have to claim that we are using a "local" authority. We will want to NOT have any authority at all.


Status:active» test

Test. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» carlazim


Status:test» fixed

Looks good!


Status:fixed» closed

See Carla's comment.

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