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Added displaying related objects. If a rel statement is present the option to display the related objects is made below the Complete Record link. Click on the link allows the user to see the related objects in pages of 5. related objects are sorted by Title and any external objects are placed at the end of the list. Links to the items start out with the handle and if not found for some reason defaults to the showfed.php link for the object.

Example record.




I clicked on the sample link. I see 43 related objects. I click on the link and clicked on the first related item, and it gives "The requested object '' cannot be found" error message.


Sorry about that, it should be fixed now and using handle almost exclusively.


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Jeffery and Chad,

Showfed still shows the "View related object" link in the bottom of the screen. Full record display shows "View related objects" under "Complete record" link in the top of the screen. Also the full record display screen paginates the related objects but Showfed display does not.

I like the pagination and the placement of "View related objects" link but I suggest that the two of you talk to Rhonda and make it consistent.



I can't rig up something that complicated immediately. If I'm not mistaken this feature is new to the RUcore display and implemented after the showfed display was already created. In any event, I only just noticed it a couple of days ago.


Can you at least move it up in the page into the same spot for now? I understand if the pagination is another can of worms. Also there were a bunch of bugs not causing it to display sooner in the search display.


Ron and I originally thought that moving them to the bottom (rather than having them among the standard links as I originally did in the old showfed) was a good idea considering that we did not know if there would be one or two or fifty links. I also seem to remember having brought the issue up at an SW Arch meeting and having been encouraged to find my own solution as there was not any code at the time that I could drop in. I'll look into how tricky it might be to move the links up. With my old system, it would have been easy, but I'm not sure with the new one.


OK. I moved it up into the gray box. Still no pagination though.


By the way, thank goodness for vi's lovely old ex commands - like :572,640m472 ;-)


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