Always display "main" title in brief and full record

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:User Interface - Service Agent

Right now, in the default display settings, only one title is displayed in the brief and full record, and it is the first-created title. When a uniform title is on a template, that title is the first to occur in the <titleInfo> area. This means that the title of the object itself does not display at all.

It is essential that the "main" title (i.e. the title that does *not* have a type=" " in the MODS record) is displayed in the brief record (the results list) and the full record (single record display).

This should be the default in the RUcore display and the showfed display for all portals.



Assigned to:Anonymous» ananthan


Version:5.2» 6.1


Status:active» fixed

I believe this is corrected through the use of Constructs. Can someone confirm?


I need to find sample objects to test with. I looked at a few objects in RUcore and Digital Collections portal. They all have titles. I could not tell whether they are main titles or uniform titles. The complete record display does not show the title type.


Try: rutgers-lib:26078[]=&c[]=&orderby=relevance&ppage=10&numresults=1&key=root&start=55

<a href="" title=""></a>

The other output file does show the attribute:

<a href=";type=FULL&amp;demono=rutgers-lib:26078" title=";type=FULL&amp;demono=rutgers-lib:26078">;type=FULL&amp;...</a>

Let me know if you need others, I can try to track some more down.


Status:fixed» closed

If main title exists, it is displayed in the brief record display; if main title does not exist but uniform title exists, the uniform title is displayed in the brief record display. If main and uniform title do not exist, any other title type is displayed.

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