Errors when viewing related objects in showfed.

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When viewing the following errors are thrown to the screen.

<a href=";rels=yes" title=";rels=yes"></a>

It looks like the errors are related to the fact that the related items are not literals. Might want to look at the isLiteral element in the relationship API result get.



What do we want to do with these? Hide them? Try to link to them? Print them without links? The uri's here are not especially useful.


I am not sure how prevalent their use will be. I would suggest either link to them or hide them. Maybe Rhonda can provide some guidance. I think it is more of a User Services issue.


Status:active» test

I'm hiding them for now. But we know where they are and could do something else if we ever get something usable in these elements.


Status:test» active

I can confirm the entries are now not displaying however a new issue was noticed. Their are entties being displayed in the titles.


Learning object for "Ibsen&apos;s "A Doll&apos;s House""


Another issue that now that some entries are hidden the total count supplied, 43, is not accurate.


Status:active» test

OK. I let them be seen again with simple links - so that if they did go somewhere the link would redirect to the URL. debug=rels shows them marked out from the others. We could also do this in the regular display (say by putting these links in round brackets or some such), but for the moment I left them indistinguishable from the fedora links.


Status:test» active

An error is thrown when visiting the page now.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Notice: Undefined variable: objtitle in /mellon/htdocs/dlr/showfed.php on line 618
Notice: Undefined variable: objtitle in /mellon/htdocs/dlr/showfed.php on line 618

Also please move the link under the "Complete Record" link and remove the external link icon from the end of the "View 43 related objects?" mention. You can view this as the model. Kalaivani recommended placement on the page.[]=&c[]=&orderby=relevance&ppage=10&key=root&numresults=1&start=1


The warnings are fixed. The links are built using a different, simple method, and I am not easily able to build a new pagination mechanism into this. Putting that was not a specification in any event.


Status:active» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

Closing. Old bug cannot duplicate.

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