Accessing large PDF datastream

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When using Firefox 3.6.17 to access a large, 30+MB, PDF I received the following message.

"Access is not allowed for the PDF-1 datastream of rutgers-lib:24413"

Using IE 8 I had no issue accessing the PDF. Below is the outputds.php link used.

<a href=";ds=PDF-1" title=";ds=PDF-1"></a>

I suspect the same could be said for most, if not all, larger datastreams. I will test other types to confirm and add onto this bug report if something is found.



I just tried it with Firefox 3.6.15 on a Mac. It doesn't have an Acrobat Plug-in, but the datastream downloaded OK and displayed in a helper app. On Chrome it displayed OK in the browser.


Its very inconsistent. I remember seeing the same thing happen when testing the restoration of the production system. I attached a screen shot of another response I am getting.


Hmmm. The access not allowed message happens when the
(isset($curlInfo) && $curlInfo['http_code'] == "200" && $curlInfo['download_content_length'] != 0)
condition fails, but the DSID appears in the fulllist. The new message from the browser/plug-in about the file being "damaged" reminds me of the old problems with large PDFs that originally led to the symlink workaround.


We had the same problem with PDF when we were setting the headers to something other than a File Transfer. The only solution that was found was setting everything to File Transfer so the host OS would handle the request and not the browser via a plugin.


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OK. I took PDF out of the list of datastreams that can be streamed to the browser. It should now force a download.


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Works as anticipated. Tested with a 40+ MB PDF as well. Thanks.

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