outputds not submitting download stat

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

When downloading a file from outputds.php and looking at the mySQL tables in the stats db no entry was found for the download.



Status:active» test

Oops. I forgot to copy over the code from the old outputds. Should work now.


Status:test» active

Tested with a SPSS-POR, PDF, FLV, MOV and JPEG. Still not recording small and medium JPEG use.


Status:active» test

This may be fixed as a side effect of fixing outputthumb's statistics call (that was still calling the old version and getting the not found error).


JPEG is getting logged not the JPEG-S and JPEG-M entries that are expected.


Status:test» active


Status:active» test

Ah yes - I copied code from outputds forgetting that here we derived $statds from $ds and used that value. Should work now as before.


Status:test» closed

Confirmed jpeg-S and jpeg-M are getting logged ins tats now.

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