Handle shows "[content_type]" instead of actual content type when object is ingested

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Fedora Ingest
Category:bug report

Successfully created a video object, uploaded files and was able to ingest the object. However, I noticed something odd with the generated handle:


The object was listed as a MovingImage with type video in WMS, and the metadata record shows this to be the case, but this didn't translate in the handle, which instead shows "[content_type]".

The handle DOES work, however, and will take you to the correct object.



Status:active» test

I couldn't repeat this problem. Test uploaded a mov file from both local and server and the generated handle seemed to be OK ([content_type] replaced by real content model). Please give more details (collection, record, file location, and file name) if you still have problems after clearing cache of your browser. -YY


Appears to be forming correct handles now on subsequent video objects.


Status:test» closed

I have seen this happening in the beginning of testing. We have to alert the metadata creators to make sure that the handles are in valid format.

Closing for now.


Assigned to:Anonymous» yuyang
Status:closed» active


Priority:normal» critical


Status:active» test

Test again. Template doesn't seem to affect contentModel as we suspected, but need more test. The effect of typeOfResource change to contentModel has been fixed, also needs test. -YY


Status:test» closed

Appears to be ok in the last few rounds of testing!

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