"Sort by this date" option should only appear in originInfo dates

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

See "RUcore R5.2-Requirements for Date Elements" document under 2b.



Assigned to:yuyang» rmarker

This is a configuration option. Kalaivani and I will go through all the metadata (desc, source, technical, rights) and disable this option. It is a time-consuming process, as each time we disable for a subelement, we must SAVE each "disable" one by one.


Do not try to use configuration module to change all the date settings. This is too time-consuming. I'll make changes to form spec for all date fields. Use configuration module to change form settings only if the changes are limited to a small number elements and do this only to the production site. I'll update the status when I am done. -YY


Status:active» test

Test again.


Status:test» closed

I verified that "Sort by this date:"Sort by this date" option has been removed from all other dates in WMS. This is a system-wide change.

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