name subject, all but last name disappears

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

After saving, I lost the given name and year of the personal name heading that I added. AND, the family name moved from the family name field to the date field. So it read:

Date: Still.

After correcting it, the date appeared in front of the name instead of at the end:

b. 1801; Still; Peter

Also, why are semicolons used? The correct form of the name would be:

Still, Peter, b. 1801



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Are you talking about person name (not subject)? Are you talking about xml generated? Are you talking about the form field values? Or are you talking about entry list? Which collection and record were you working on? Please be aware that this kind of random remarks isn't helpful at all for debugging.


Status:postponed» fixed

This seems to be working now. Thanks!


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