Only display first JPEG if a series exists with an object

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:User Interface - Service Agent
Category:bug report

If an object has more than one JPEG datastream only display the first in the series for the thumbnail, small and medium size displays and links.



Assigned to:chadmills» ananthan


Assigned to:ananthan» chadmills

I have created and ingested an object with two JPEG datastreams. rutgers-lib:25863 in Benevolent patriot collection. This collection is available in All collections portal.

Both JPEG files are displayed in the full record display. Am I supposed to do something in the portal code?


Assigned to:chadmills» ananthan

You will need to test that the small and medium sized JPEG's used in the full record display are the first JPEG in the series. This will also match the thumbnail which is derived form the first JPEG in a series. Previously the last Jpeg in the series was displayed in the small and medium sized JPEG views.


Status:test» closed

Thumbnail is created from the first JPEG and is displayed in the brief/full record display.

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