adding new subject headings, loss of important functionality from last release

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Controlled Vocabulary Module
Category:feature request

I also submitted this problem with the genre headings. Same problem is occurring in the subject index.

When creating a new collection-level record, I ran into trouble adding a new LCSH subject heading. In previous releases of the WMS, catalogers were able to add new genre terms as free text attributed to a specific thesaurus such as LCSH, AAT, etc. Now we need to add new terms to a collective list. This is problematic for two reasons:

1. It significantly slows down our work flow.
2. Before long, this collective list is going to grow to a size that is unmanageable.

This isn't easy to describe to someone who isn't a cataloger, so please feel free to come see me in person if I'm describing it in a way that does not make sense. Thank you!



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Test again.


If the problem of the same nature has been reported previously by you, please do not enter duplicate entries.


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