Allow administrator account access to all styles in the system

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Portal Creation/Editing/Management - Search Portal Tool
Category:feature request

Currently all accounts are restricted to managing and using styles they have created. Make an exception for administrator accounts.



Status:active» test

Administrators can manage relationships between all styles and portals and they can also edit any style in the system regardless of ownership or creator.

Also if a non administrator edits a portal that uses a style that was not associated with that user the style would drop off. This has been corrected and now all of the styles a portal is using, regardless of relationship to the user, are available when editing a portal if associated.


Status:test» active

One problem still exists. If a portal is not public, the administrator cannot Search/View it if it was created by another user. For example, as administrator "martyb", I tried to Search/View portal "KA test data portal" and got the message "You have not been given permission to view this portal."

Otherwise, the code works as expected. As administrator, I could edit styles regardless of ownership. Also, as non-administrator, I could "see" a style that I didn't create but was associated with my portal.


Status:active» test

Administrators should be able to view restricted portals, please test.


Assigned to:chadmills» martyb


Status:test» closed

Tested successfully. In addition to previous pass results, now, if a portal is not public, the administrator can Search/View it if it was created by another user.

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