Delete users from Search Portal Tool

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Portal Creation/Editing/Management - Search Portal Tool

Added functionality to delete users from Search Portal Tool. Styles that were created by the user are reassigned to the user with userID of 1. Administrator accounts cannot be deleted. To test create a dummy account, create some styles and portals. Delete account and confirm cleanup of

-Deletion from Portal assignment (ssLinkUserPortals table)
-Deletion from User to realms (ssLinkUserRealms table)
-Deletion from Statistics access (ssStatistics table)
-Deletion from Statsitics request history (ssStatsRequestHistory table)
-Reassignment of Styles (ssStyles table)
-Deletion from Users table (ssUsers table)



Assigned to:chadmills» martyb


Status:test» closed

Tested successfully. User was deleted from ssLinkUserPortals, ssLinkUserRealms, ssStatistics, ssStatsRequestHistory, and ssUsers tables. (Portals created by user were not deleted from ssPortals or ssLinkPortalsCollections tables.) Style created by user in ssStyles table was assigned to user with id of 1.

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