Change data retrieval methodology

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:API - Search API

Currently only data stored in a resource locally located can be parsed and returned for display. For R5.2 the there is a need to connect to an external source, WMS, to retrieve organization/collection information that is not stored in the local resource and combine it with local information.

Thinking this issue through it would be best to assume that the search API will not always be able to locate all data it needs to parse locally, so it should consider all data it parse as remote. This requires architecting a remote data source and retrieval system.

Some initial testing using the RUcore GET API to retrieve the MODS consistently and quickly has been positive. Attached are two slides explaining the current architecture and the new architecture that is being developed as part of this task.

This is going to be complicated, let's hope it is worth it....



Status:active» test

Completed. It was complicated. To test the tool now considers everything external XML data feeds. testing this feature can be accomplished by just using the search interfaces and validating the brief and full record display styles are working as expected.


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Status:test» closed

Implemented in R5.2

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