Write Install Scripts and ReadMe for OpenETD

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform

Need to create instructions for installation, as well as scripts to populate the database and (possibly) set configuration options.



The tricky part might be stating the dependency on Ghostscript for certain functionality. Is the Ghostscript configuration information part of your main configuration file or is it isolated to the margin checking and page numbering functionality?


While the use of Ghostscript is currently assumed, it would be fairly simple to make it configurable. All configuration of ghostscript margin checker settings is done separately from the main ETD configuration file. Links to "margin checking" can be removed based on a boolean configuration value. In other words, if a user doesn't want to use ghostscript/margin checking they could turn it off in the configuration.

I believe GPL allows us to freely distribute GS, but I'm not sure we want to bundle it with OpenETD. First of all, we are not releasing under GPL, so I'm not sure if there are problems with mixed licenses. Also, we will probably want to point folks to the latest versions. In fact, our version is old and should probably be updated due to improvements in the handling of large files and muti-threaded processes.


Install scripts should check directory permissions on directories that the web server expects to write to:
1. reports (need to make this configurable as well... something like $GLOBALS['REPORTS_DIR'])


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This is done. A tar.gz file will be distributed to a few testers soon.


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