UTF-8 encoding

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:API - Search API
Category:bug report

Currently the result XML DOM object is not encoding all responses in the search sumamry element in UTF-8. Thsi cause service agent errors when a search is submitted with UTF-* characters. Use utf8_encode to fix.



Fixed. Test by performing a search using a term that needs utf8 encoding, such as 'Paré', directly against the search API/query method and see if the DOM breaks.


Status:active» test


I added Greek letters (Σψ∗) as part of title, and in abstract in a sample record. rutgers-lib:25101
However, I am unable to search for these in RUcore (All collections portal).

I need help to test this issue.


I did search for 'ΣΦΠΛΏζήΨ' in rucore search and dlr search, and didn't get any results from both searches.

For display, the title with Greek letters 'ΣΦΠΛΏζήΨ', both interfaces are OK. I am assuming the XML DOM is OK, but there are no results returned.



when I searched for 'ΣΦΠΛΏζήΨ', in the php log, I got the error below:
PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function attributes() on a non-object in /mellon/htdocs/rucore/partnerportal/search/index.php on line 216


Status:test» active


Status:active» test

UTF-8 searching should be working again. Something corrupted the copy of "vis" I was using. I moved to referencing the copy dlr/EDIT uses.


Status:test» closed

I am able to search for "Σψ∗" in RUcore.

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