Make the embargo settings for students and reviewers more "foolproof"

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Currently, we are getting a lot of students who complain, after their graduation, that their ETDs are available online. Usually this is because they haven't requested an embargo in RUetd. Often they mark the embargo on their ProQuest paperwork and think that's all they have to do. We need to (1) make the embargo info and setting by the student more "in their faces". One way to do this could be to force them to make a selection before the submission will complete. We also need to (2) try to make the reviewers check the setting so that it's consistent with the ProQuest paperwork. Possibly this could be done by adding a comment on the reviewer screen to tell them to check that the setting in RUetd is the same as the paperwork and forcing them to respond that the setting is the same before the acceptance can be completed. Other suggestions for solutions are gratefully encouraged.



Forcing a "check" on both the student and reviewer pages is a good idea.

Student page-- must check one:
*Immediately available
*Delayed access: 6 months
*Delayed access: 1 year
*Delayed access: 2 years

Reviewer page-- must check one:
*No ProQuest embargo requested/No RUetd (RUcore?) embargo requested
*ProQuest embargo request period=RUetd (RUcore?) embargo request period
*ProQuest embargo requested/No RUetd (RUcore?) embargo requested
*This thesis is not sent to ProQuest


Related to this is the issue of open access, so we might need to add verbiage along with the embargo explanations. Specifically, we should state that the ETD will be publicly accessible, including via the internet, when the ETD is placed in RUcore. The title, abstract, etc. will be immediately accessible and the full text will be available after the embargo ends.


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