Reformat first ETD Upload (Submit Step 3) screen for clarity and remove unused button

Component:User interface
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1. In Submit Step 3 (first ETD Upload screen), the Administrator has the option to include notes regarding the format, etc. of the main file to be uploaded. These notes (e.g., must be PDF and single file) are included by using the Administrator's Modify Site Attributes function to enter the notes in the ETD Upload Note field. The ETD Upload Note field is currently inserted in the first Step 3 screen as follows: at the top of the screen are the steps that the user must follow to do the upload, then the ETD Upload Note field is displayed, then a paragraph about viewing, revising or deleting the uploaded file is displayed, and the last section on the screen contains a text box for the filename of the file to be uploaded, and Browse, Upload and Proceed buttons.
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The ETD Upload Note field can be lengthy, so in order to make the instructions more understandable for the student, this screen needs to be reformatted as follows:
a. Move the instructions for upload ("To upload your ETD ... 4. Click Upload ... to RUetd") after the ETD Upload Note so they are closer to the text box for the filename.
b. Make the first sentence in the instructions for upload ("To upload your ETD ... four steps:") bold so the instructions stand out and can easily be found.
c. Move the "Combining Files" link from the top right of the screen along with the instructions for upload.
d. Keep the last paragraph ("This file can be viewed ... for assistance.") as a separate paragraph, but change the beginning of the first sentence to "In later steps, this file can be viewed ...").
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2. The Proceed button at the bottom of the screen is never used. When the user browses for the file to be uploaded and then clicks the Upload button, a new screen (second ETD Upload screen) is displayed, so there is never a chance to click the Proceed button on the first ETD Upload screen. Please remove the Proceed button on the first ETD Upload screen, as well as the text ("Press 'Proceed' ... submission process.") next to it. That text is also displayed on the second ETD Upload screen and belongs there.



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