outputsmil.php redirect link gives "Access is not allowed to this file" message in RUcore

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Category:bug report


DO NOT START fixing this yet as we are streaming all JPE videos from lefty64. We need to discuss how we should address this.

Journey to Planet Earth video links are working as expected. There is just a minor issue.

Go to the following Rucore search portal link and click on search:
<a href="http://lefty64.scc-net.rutgers.edu/rucore/partnerportal/search/index.php?key=1Km5Ms7Up" title="http://lefty64.scc-net.rutgers.edu/rucore/partnerportal/search/index.php?key=1Km5Ms7Up">http://lefty64.scc-net.rutgers.edu/rucore/partnerportal/search/index.php...</a>

You will get 11 video titles from JPE collection.
Click on one of the titles.
On the top left hand corner,you see a link to QT video. If you click on this link, it displays "Access is not allowed to this file." message.

The only way I can authenticate myself to view the video is by clicking on the handle link from metadata.

This is not a concern right now as JPE is a hidden collection in RUcore and no one will be using RUcore to search these videos. When just need to keep in mind that this needs to be looked at when we are working on restricted access to RUcore resources.

I have filed a bug in software.libraries for this issue so that we have a record of this. We also need to remember this change when we deliver RUcore code to NJVid. This may affect them.



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This was a configuration issue for the portal that was created. By default authentication of files is disabled when a portal is created. Going through the Database Management Console->ssPortals->Editing portal in question and setting 'authFiles' to 'Y' solved the issue.

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