runsignatures errors

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

the runsignatures3.php script does not run properly when installed on
a new system with an empty dlr/SIGS directory and an empty dlr/EDIT/TMP

1) There is an expectation that dlr/SIGS has a mail.html in it that is never
delivered since SIGS is supposed to be created on the new system as
an empty directory. This file should be sent in a delivered directory and
that is where the code should expect to find it.

2) The code calculates the number of records to run per night and writes it
into a file in dlr/EDIT/TMP Since on a new install this file does not exist the
code should be able to look for it and create it if it does not exist. The problem
is that the code will only look to generate this file on Monday, so if a new system
install is run for the first time on other then Monday, no records are selected. This
should be fixed.

The developer would be able to see the errors more clearly on lefty64 if they emptied the
contents of dlr/SIGS and dlr/EDIT/TMP of the files in question and then let cron run the

3) There is a difference in how the file gets processed on lefty64 and mss3,
lefty64 uses source /mellon/inlcudes/
mss3 uses . /mellon/includes/
Is there a way to check which machine you are on and put in the appropiate line?
Otherwise both lines should be in the code and a note made in the readme as to
which needs to be active. This is an issus in the script



The mail.html file should get created and recreated by the cron script and shouldn't have to exist already in SIGS. The mondaysigs.tmp does need to exist for the calendar option to work. Perhaps a note should be added to the readme asking either that the old mondaysigs.tmp be preserved if the first run in a new release is on a day other than Monday, or that the first run be done on a Monday. Or we can test for the existence of such a file and create it when we first get the count. I like that better actually. The alternate source can can be put in as an option as well.


Status:active» fixed

I added the changes Dave requested and ran a test of the cron on lefty64.


Status:fixed» closed

Fixed some time ago.

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