Ingest script does not update stats tables

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Fedora Ingest
Category:bug report

Reported by Jie:

I found NJEDL objects are not showing up in statistics and called Yang
this morning. Yang noticed that after WMS made changes with soap call,
WMS is no longer using Jeffery's ingest scripts any more. But Jeffery's
scripts will update the statistics database when ingest happen.Yang is
going to fix and add this function to lefty64 soon.

Updated by KA:

MSS2/MSS3 use and that stats tables are up-to-date. The last update logged on lefty64 was March 11, 2010.



It appears Fedora Edits from WMS does not update the stats table. So the View Edit logs in Collection Management report reflects edits made in dlr/EDIT only.


Assigned to:yuyang» jgeng
Status:active» test


Please verify this is still an issue.


Status:test» closed

It's working now.

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