Outdated information is being written into Marc Export Event in DigiProv

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

I just noticed that we are writing outdated email address, name, and affiliation in the digiProv section. For example, we are still writing <a href="mailto:jkeisers@rci.rutgers.edu">jkeisers@rci.rutgers.edu</a> in digiProv.

The name and email address of the person who is exporting the objects should be written in this section.



I was just about to post an MR about this issue too. I think you or someone will need to change the email and other contact info for user SA in the authenticate database. I'm not sure how many objects are affected by this. If we need to clean them up, it may be best to apply a -i one-liner simply subbing jkeisers to ananthan or something like that.


I am unable to change the email address in authenticate database via User Interface. It needs to be changed in the database directly. I am thinking of deleting this account and recreating with the correct email address. Would this action cause any issues?


Hmmm. I'm guessing you can't edit the authenticate email data on lefty64. There is an issue of long standing with the permissions, but it seems to be on lefty64 only. You should be able to edit such information on the actual server.


I can't edit email address on the production server also. This is not a permission issue.


Hmmm. I see that the production version is a bit different from the one on lefty64. On lefty64, though there is a permissions issue, the "User List" page has a set of radio buttons allowing the full information for each user, including the email address, to be (supposedly) edited. On mss3 these buttons do not appear on this page while the personal details are hardwired into the form for the Admin - Users page. We should probably look into whether or not some feature has been disabled on mss3. In the meantime, you could probably workaround by creating a new user to replace the one with the obsolete address.


Check out this file: $filebase/authenticate/admin/list.php

On lefty64 it has radio buttons in the form calling edituser.php:

&lt;tr bgcolor="#ededed">
&lt;td align="center">&lt;strong>Edit&lt;/strong>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="center">&lt;strong>Group&lt;/strong>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="center">&lt;strong>Username&lt;/strong>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="center">&lt;strong>Name&lt;/strong>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="center">&lt;strong>E-Mail&lt;/strong>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="center">&lt;strong>Affiliation&lt;/strong>&lt;/td>


&lt;td align="center">&lt;input type="radio" name="usr" value="&lt;?php echo "$username"; ?>"&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="left">&lt;?php echo "$team"; ?>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="left">&lt;?php echo "$username"; ?>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="left">&lt;?php echo "$firstname $lastname"; ?>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="left">&lt;a href="mailto:&lt;?php echo "$email"; ?>">&lt;?php echo "$email"; ?>&lt;/a>&lt;/td>
&lt;td align="left">&lt;?php echo "$location"; ?>&lt;/td>

We should compare the version on mss3.


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I logged in with my personal userID and exported a record in MARC. It has my email address. We should not use 'sa' account to perform any edit functions in dlr/EDIT.

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