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Please do not include collection records on our Google or Google Scholar site maps.



Status:active» test

Please verify that this change has been put into effect.


Rhonda, since the collections in the sitemap are pulled from the slim-lined fedsearch database used for indexing, we don't know what sort of object is indexed with a collection. To make sure there are no collection objects, we would have to change the schema of the database and the indexing program that recreates it to add a new field, say contentModel, and then change the SQL call in the sitemap cron script to test for this. On the other hand, since most collections of objects do not include collection objects, we could simply make sure that no collections of collections are set for Google export. On lefty64 currently, the wrapping collection of ETD collections is set, along with the six member ETD collections themselves:
<!-- 6 URLs found in rucore90000000010, the Rutgers University Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection -->
We could unset this collection and leave the subcollections and get the results we want, though this approach calls for some human intelligence and vigilance. As a test on lefty64, I just unchecked the Rutgers University Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection, reran the sitemap script, and the 6 ETD collection objects disappeared. In the regular sitemap on lefty64 I find two other collections of collections (identified it seems by IDs beginning "rucore9*":
<!-- 7 URLs found in rucore90000000020, the Rutgers University Collection Collection -->
<!-- 14 URLs found in rucore90000000021, the Rutgers University Faculty Collection Collection -->
I edited the dbase and they disappeared from the regular sitemap. We can test the collections on the production server as well, though this does not need to be tied to a specific release.


I check the production sitemaps. There are no rucore9* collections in the scholar map, and only these three in the regular sitemap:

<!-- 7 URLs found in rucore90000000010 Collection -->
i.e., Rutgers University Electronic Theses and Dissertations
<!-- 5 URLs found in rucore90000000020 Collection -->
i.e., Rutgers University Collection
<!-- 22 URLs found in rucore90000000021 Collection -->
i.e., Rutgers University Faculty Collection


Status:test» closed

We will manage this by not selecting any collections-of-collections for the Google site maps.

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