Automate FTP to Proquest

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform
Category:feature request

Currently FTP is a manual process due to lack of PHP FTP support. Now that OpenETD has been migrated to Reaper64 we should be able to add this feature.



Version:<none>» 1.0.0-beta


FTP to Proquest functionality is now working with a test FTP server. However, zip files generated contain two directory structures, one that is correct and one that preserves the entire directory hierarchy up through the server root level. Test have been done to ensure that it will work if the shell script can exist in and be executed from the "scratch" (temp) directory.


Status:active» fixed

This works fine now and was tested using my own personal server. However, the ftp test environment is currently set to a directory on boolean using my user account. There are IP restrictions which are preventing the system from accepting FTP connections from reaper64. We need to discuss options for using Boolean for the FTP test with Dave Hoover, or come up with another solution for testing FTP.


Status:fixed» active

I need to open this issue back up because I'm waiting to hear back from ProQuest about the reasoning behind multiple FTP sites for different schools and the possibility of creating a single institution-wide FTP site to simplify things. If certain schools get their own FTP sites, we will have to figure out the logic for how this happens, or simply allow for this in the configuration of schools. Only one FTP site is currently configurable.

More info to come...


Status:active» fixed

Proquest confirmed that the multiple FTP sites were related to the "old way" of doing things. Lewis "Buddy" Kreutzer, my ProQuest contact confirmed that we could move ahead with a single Rutgers FTP site. So, no additional changes will need to be made and I have set the status back to "fixed".


Status:fixed» closed

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