Find download statistics for individual object

Project:RUcore Statistics
Category:feature request

It would be helpful to have the ability to find download statistics for an individual object, usually by its rutgers-lib ID. This would be useful in the management statistics package to respond to queries. While the faculty portals and some partner portals will have relatively small collection sets, some collections and portals already contain thousands of objects and scrolling through the list to find an individual object is not practical.



Status:active» test

This feature is ready in 5.2.


Status:test» active

Looked up rutgers-lib:25698 expecting to see numbers for the SPSS-POR datastreams download. Nothing was reported back in the report. See attached screen shot.


The file extension is wrong. When I try to save it, it is a .spo file. If we need to add this new type of file to download record, we need to edit it in the configure file fro stats. Please updated.


Status:active» test

fixed. please test


Status:test» closed


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