Problem with numbering of subject IDs in mods.

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Batch Import
Category:bug report

For some reason, with mods:subject, the numbering of the IDs breaks after nine topics are included. So, we get <mods:subject ID="SBJ-1" authority="local"> through <mods:subject ID="SBJ-9" authority="local"> the next one is designated <mods:subject ID="SBJ-176543210" authority="local"> (or some other random number for the ID). After that, <mods:subject ID="SBJ-1" authority="local"> is repeated for each additional topic.

I noticed this happening during a batch ingest. Kalaivani later discovered this also happens during the manual object creation process.



Assigned to:Anonymous» yuyang


No IDs are assigned for subject. I added multiple entries in subject(topic). They are in the XML but don't see any IDs assigned.


Version:5.2» 5.3


Version:5.3» 6.2

Moving from 5.3 to 6.2.


Status:active» postponed

We don't have specs for how subject ID should be generated, what they are used for, and who should create them (automatic or by user). If there is indeed a need for these ID's, provide specs first. -YY

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