Error received when uploading Suppl. file as Administrator

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As an Administrator (martyadmin3) in the test system, I used View Submissions -> Submission Detail to view an ETD (My title) that has a supplementary file. I opened the Supplementary File Information screen, then browsed to a new file and clicked upload. I received the following:
1. A message that said: "You are only permitted to handle your own papers."
2. A message that said: "The file was uploaded successfully."
3. An error that said: "Notice: Undefined variable: paper_info in /srv/www/htdocs/etd/etd_test/content/track_files/track_detail.php on line 23 This ETD has not been submitted yet. You must submit an ETD before you can view the detail information."

The screen I received is attached to this issue.

The first problem is the "successful" message (#2) and error (#3). The administrator shouldn't be allowed to upload supplementary files (they can't upload or delete main ETD files, which is ok).

The second problem is that when the Supplementary File Information screen first appeared (before doing the browse and upload), the message shown in #1 was displayed. It shouldn't be displayed on this screen, since this is only a viewing screen. It's ok to display it if the Administrator tries to upload a new file.

The third problem is that there is a link on the Submission Detail screen to "Add a Supplementary File". That link should be removed for an Administrator.



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