Selecting hyperlinked subjects from full record display returns zero results

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:API - Search API
Category:bug report

When clicking on the hyperlink for some subject headings from a full record display zero record results are returned. As an example it has been determined the following return zero results.

Conover Road (Colts Neck, N.J.)


Somerville Classical Institute (Somerville, N.J.)

The problem might be with the parentheses and the states abbreviation.



Component:Searching» API - Search API
Status:active» test

Added a condition in the search API whereas anything appearing between a set of parentheses will be removed from the search query. I admit it is rather draconian, however amberfish doesn't seem to like only stripping the parentheses, full removal of them and what is inside works.


Assigned to:chadmills» ananthan


Status:test» active

It seems that not all the subjects in the record are not displayed in the full record display. I searched for "Old Dutch Reformed Church" in Title. Then I viewed the full record of "Old Dutch Reformed Church, Its Congregation and Its Community Life - Bayonne, N.J." The last subject displayed is "Religious practices of the immigrant group".

There are 20 subjects in this record but only the first 13 subjects are displayed. The 14th subject in this record is "Expansion and Reform (1801-1861)".

Not sure if the display broke because of the parenthesis. The rest of the subjects in this record have parenthesis.

Take a look rutgers-lib:18904.


The construct needs to be modified. Currently it only looks for mods:subject->mods:topic. The "missing" subjects are mods:subject->mods:temporal(5) and mods:subject->mods:hierarchicalGeographic(2). Instead of grouping them all together you might want to consider making individual constructs for each of these, since the information is varying.


Status:active» closed

Hyperlinked subjects work OK. NJEDL project requires to break the subjects and Marty is working on new constructs.

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