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Component:User interface
Category:feature request
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The Viewer's role was added in Version 2.2.0 as a last-minute feature to accommodate the Rutgers Binding Service. The functions available for Viewer are currently workable, but not necessarily optimal or user-friendly. These should be cleaned up.

1. Re-evaluate whether the View Submissions function is needed, or whether the Search for Student function is sufficient for the purpose. If the View Submissions function can be eliminated, it might reduce the amount of other cleanup work.
2. If keeping View Submissions, fix the description on the Main Menu. It currently says "View the ETDs assigned to you, submit your reviews, view or edit your completed reviews, or decline a review request." This is what a Reviewer role does. However, the Viewer can only view -- no ETDs are assigned to nor are reviews done by the Viewer.
3. Navigation to screens via the Navigation Ribbon when using View Submissions and Search for Student does not work correctly. "Resume/Track" is shown on the Ribbon, but when clicked on, it goes to a screen that has no data, and it's misleading to include Resume/Track, which is a Student function.
4. The link to "Add Supplementary File" needs to be removed from the Viewer's detail screen, which is accessible from both View Submissions and Search for Student. Clicking on the link doesn't actually allow the Viewer to add a file, but it does go to a screen that has no data.



Regarding #2 (fix the description of View Submissions) on the Main Menu: This option is also available on the Administrator's Main Menu, with the same description. However, the Administrator role is not currently set up to do any review, nor are ETDs assigned to an Administrator. The Administrator, like the Viewer, can only view ETDs via this option. So the description needs to be changed on the Administrator's menu also.


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